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Patent Attorneys Office in Russia and abroad

We have worked in the field of intellectual property since 1959 and cover all aspects of intellectual property protection in Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Transcaucasian countries: Patents, Trade Marks, Industrial Designs, Utility Models, Indications of Origin of Goods, Copyright, Domain names as well as litigation in all these fields. We are registered Patent Attorneys with vast international experience and a broad network of professional colleagues all over the world. From 1992 we have been able to act directly for Overseas Corporations and Attorneys. We operate in English, German, French and Russian.

The George Matveyev Enterprise company has its niche specialisation in working on complicated cases, often with a history of earlier rejections and uncertain chances for success. We achieve positive outcomes on behalf of foreign clients in Russia. Examples of our successful litigation include:

  • Securing full protection of eight trademarks belonging to DEUTSCHE POST AG, which were originally denied protection because of their allegedly descriptive character, i.e. confusion with German Post. In this case we represented German companies in Russia in the field of IP through LINKLATERS, OPPENHOFF & RAEDLER, who are among our major clients.
  • Cancellation of trademarks GOLDEN BAYONNE, KONJAK NOVOKUBANSKIJ (Cognac being a denomination of a staple product in Russia incorporated in a State Standard of Manufacture) and CHATLIS (misleadingly similar to French CHABLIS wine). These trademarks were previously registered in Russia in the name of various Russian companies. In this case we represented French companies through L’INSTITUT NATIONALE DES APPELLATIONS D’ORIGINE.
  • Trade mark registration for the “BOOKER PRIZE IN RUSSIA”. We recently won a complicated and controversial case at the Russian Patent and Trademark Office on behalf of the UK company Booker plc. We sought to obtain trademark registration for Booker to be able to further promote Russian literature achievements in Russia.
  • We obtained registration of a trademark for LADY MANHATTAN in the name of a German company. We succeeded despite the controversy which arose from its allegedly misleading name with respect to the origin of goods.
  • The same applies to the successful case of the KSB trademark in the name of the KSB Aktiengesellschaft of Germany. This trademark was initially rejected as lacking distinctiveness from the point of view of a Russian Examiner.

We have also successfully represented large Russian companies on international markets:

  • Overcoming competition in the field of trademark protection from such giant companies as UDV (SMIRNOFF trademark for vodka in China) and the successors of the former Soviet SOYUZPLODIMPORT, currently based in the Dutch Antilles (STOLICHNAYA CRISTALL trademark for vodka in Israel).
  • We contribute to the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (ITMA) Newsletter in the UK by reporting on developments in the field of trademark protection in Russia (enclosed). Dr. George Matveyev has delivered a lecture on behalf of ITMA on Trade Mark Protection in Russia in London in 2002.
  • We are also engaged in professional development activities in Germany, such as delivering lectures (in German) at the FORUM MANAGEMENT conferences and in the framework of the Bavarian Group of GRUR (a professional union of patent and trademark attorneys of Germany).

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